How do you retain hair moisture during dry seasons

This harmattan in Lagos is another thing oo we will just be inhaling dust anyhow, is not funny at all oo, after applying ton of oils on my hair, it just lasted for 1 hour😣 And when I was finally making my cornrows (side Didi) I felt my hair there was no single amount of moisture.😯 This harmattan, Apart from causing unnecessary shrinkage, making it difficult to detangle, drying up all my moisture from both my hair and body, I will gladly say thank God for wigs cos my hair must be covered up at all times. This is a new year oo we can’t be fighting unnecessary breakage anyhow. We must protect our precious. But I will like to hear from my naturalista what you have you used during this period and how it has worked for you? So leave a comment, share your experiences and like.


Stepping back and allowing God

Today’s service was amazing it was 🔥🔥🔥I really learnt alot today like you need to displace all the hurt, anger, negative emotions. And focus only on God.

How do you focus on God?

God is omipotent, omipresence, big and all. But the Bible says the earth is His footstool 🤔 just pause and think about that. How big is earth? How big is space? But God is bigger He is the air you breathe in.

If the God we serve is this big then imagin filling your mind with God . Trust me if you do that there will not be a single space left for anything. The human brain cannot fathom the size of Yahweh, He is the God of the both surface and the deep.

He is too great, too wide, too big, then what is that problem that you feel is too much for you to handle?

Have you tried tried telling that problem the size of your God? If no you need to do that Asap.

This painting here

which was drawn by ini itama, means alot, there is so much in just this painting the constant war between the place of light, joy, peace and love and the side of darkness hurt anger, pain, bitterness, anger….

But God used her to touch me today.

Quick story she was raped while going to recharge her phone while she was out to celebrate her sisters birthday.

And she wanted to move on but she also wanted to cheat the process of healing she didn’t know that the process, the process can’t be cheated . The process of acknowledgement, getting help from a counselor/mentor, listening to God, forgiveness and letting go. So she started telling everyone she was fine, she was alright but deep down she was not sleeping, she was struggling, she was dying slowly. She couldn’t sleep well for a year, she started to have affairs, started to have affairs even with married men. She knew that was not what she wanted but she did not know how to help herself. She would cry, both at work and home.

She said everything God does or tells is for your own good, so you better just help yourself by obeying. Why? Because He is a good good father.
So many things to say with just little time.
I pray for everyone who is currently in this dark phase of life that God will not bring you out but will walk with you through the process of healing.
Makeup by @stephany_kev

Best pre- pooing Methods for your hair

Hi guys, I am back today with another amazing hair topic, so I got featured by @nbestnaturals to talk about my pre pooing method on Her Snapchat. You can still go and check it out. At first when she told me this I was shocked, scared, happy I had alot of emotions bubbling in and out of me, but by the special grace of God with His help. I did it and it was a success. So I want to share what I skipped out during the takeover, and more stuff that I added. THE BEST PRE-POOING METHOD Hi everyone, my name is TSOURE ANDE. I am a Jesus baby, a student, a blogger and a hair lover. I also have a YouTube channel that will soon start being operated; I am working on it. I will be talking about pre-pooing today. First, what is pre-pooing? It simply means applying certain things to your hair before actually shampooing your hair. There are a lot of my friends that didn’t know what pre-pooing was, till I told them. Pre-pooing varies a lot due to the fact that what works for me may not work for you due to the different hair types and hair pores we have. Before I talk about pre-pooing, let me tell you what works best for my hair. I personally love to use natural products on my hair instead of using chemically made or processed products. The products I use for prepooing Eggs, Honey, aloe Vera, olive oil, Jamaican black castor oil, peppermint oil, carrot oil, coconut oil…………………… the list goes on. So, let me pause and state that I don’t use all of this at once in most cases. I only do that on days when I feel a little bit extra which most people like me do. This is not to discourage those that do not have these oils or all these stuff, or those that cannot make them themselves or those that cannot afford to buy them. You can simply just use what you have.


My regular pre-poo products include the use of Aloe Vera, honey, eggs (they all add protein to your hair), but as I said earlier, I am a bit extra. Moving on, you will need any oil of your choice but to be detailed, I use a lot of carrot oil, almond oil, olive oil and peppermint oil.

Aloe Vera

Let me talk about how I use the Aloe Vera gel on my hair, I simply cut each side to the Aloe plant, getting rid of its sharp edges, then I part it in the middle and gently scrub the gel which is found inside the Aloe plant into every parted sections of my hair making sure I focus and start from roots to ends.


Jamaica Black Castor Oil spray bottle

Moriga oil

hair wonder oil

For my oils, I measure 1 tablespoon each of the oils, mixing them with


and honey and sometimes even blended and carefully strained bananas. The next step is to mix them all up in a bowl. Trust me, it may have the nicest smell but your hair will love it. And, this is to tell people who can’t stand the use of raw eggs that you can simply substitute it for honey. Honey does the same work alongside with olive oil. Also, for those who have coconut oil drying up their hair instead of adding moisture please you can use almond, castor oil or whatever oils that suites you best. During application, your hair needs to be parted into four or six sections depending on the number of sections you can effectively work with. Then, apply this mixture into each section focusing more on the roots and the ends of your hair. You have to focus especially on the ends. This is due to the fact that your ends are the most exposed part of your hair and they are more prone to dryness and breakage. After working your mixture into each section, cover your hair with a plastic wrap to stem your hair. I steam my hair in a plastic wrap for 1 hour, 30 minutes. You can just stick to 30 minutes, or an hour depending on how much time you have got.

Tea Rinse

TEA RINSE Now let’s talk about TEA RINSE this basically means the use of tea bags such as black tea bags such as Lipton, highland tea etc. or any green tea bags, this is simply done by boiling your water and dropping 2 to 3 tea bags into them. This mostly done after the application of your prepooing mixture and also the application of your shampoo and conditioner. I use this to rinse out my hair every time I wash it. I do not use ordinarily water to rinse out my hair when washing my hair. Except when am finally done with washing and rinsing them with my tea water. Then do a finally rinse with cold water to close up my hair pore and to crown everything up and to close-up the whole process. The major work of the tea rinse is to fight the organisms which promotes hair breakage. This helps in the massive reduction of hair breakage. Also this has helped my hair to grow out more and helped it retain its length. Guys just for emphasizes this TEA RINSE METHOD WORKS it has worked for my hair a lot I hope you give it a try and give me feedback on how it has helped your hair.

Benefits of pre pooing

So thats it guys thanks for readingand visting my blog today. Pls if you have any question pls drop them in the comments sections below. And also don’t forget to like, share with everyone you know and comment. See you guys 2018 is calling❤

Experience 12 #Te12 2017

Experience is a yearly organised concert by The house of the Rock church in Lekki Lagos Nigeria. This mostly done every 1st December of event year, with the aim to thank God for keeping us thus far (Ebenezer)

Pastor Paul Adefarsin

who is the chief host and organizer of this event alongside with his wonderful team. Bring gospel artist from far and wide, literally all over the globe to Lagos Nigeria, at the Tarfawa Balewa square tana Lagos to perform to the glory of God.

If you went for the #experience12 you will know that you can’t just go and leave empty handed. We had Holy spirit filled performances from Gospel artist like

Donnie MClurkin, Pastor Donnie MClurkin see amazing performance he was even singing imela he and Travis Greene.

Don Moen, @donmoen the father of worship, God just used him to bring us to that height and deepness of God’s presence.

Travis Greene, @travisgreenetv hmmm, wow see the presence he carries, holy sprit really used him to touch, Nigeria truly appreciates and he came with his beautiful wife, so pretty

Onose Ariyo, @onosariyo she ushered in the presence that will definitely gives you goods bumps, she is an amazing worshipper.

Chioma Jesus, @officialchiomajesus hey mummy your too much although I don’t understand Igbo, but all the prophecies your were throwing, I was just receiving them, in my Spirit, my mind, soul, body.

Frank Edwards, @frankrichboy he brought down power with his amazing, calm and powerful voice.

Nathaniel Bassy, @nathanielblow pastor, sir I was leaping into my new season of change and I am going to hear and new sound. Onise iyanu, olowo gbo gbo ro( God with an outstretched hand

Alagbadaina(the God with the unlimited hand of power)

Tope Alabi,

Manuel Druminski,

Timothy Godfrey, @timgodfreyworld, he was super amazing he was the definition of God’s given talent.

We also had various powerful performances from Eben, Mid night crew, Sonnie Badu,Mike Aremu, Segun Obe, Dupe Ige Kachi and so many other annointed ministers of God.

According to Sonnie Badu he said the experience is an experience you need to experience for yourself.

I can’t type it all people, I can’t type it all, my phone battery at some point went flat. But what I have typed here cannot do justice to what actually happened. People’s lives, were being transformed, someone got proposed to, people were crying, speaking in tongues became our local dilet, I lost my voice. And even though I knew I couldn’t dance but Holy spirit taught me that day.

And ever since it has been peace, joy, favour, blessings, grace, mercy name it jor.

This event was perfect way to end the year, thanking God of his favour blessings, kindness and protection.

Thank you so much @houseontherock, @pauladefarsin and many others who made this event work. May God bless you Amen #experience12











Here are some pictures and videos.

Thank you reading my post pls feel free to read, share, like and comment.

Let me know what you think, till then Bye and stay happy remembering the fact that God has got got your back.

Slave Trade in 2017? Oh what a shocker

You one of the things the Bible says in proverbs 21:21

Here is a write up from my friend.

Can we consider this too?

#Fact: As we speak now there still persons from Nigeria, Ghana and other sub Saharan Africa countries on board to Libya.

#Fact: There are victims who would not want to come home and still suffer the consequences thereof.

#Fact: There is a young man in a village somewhere where Brong Ahafo Ghana, who is been advised by his parents not to go for this Libyan trip of horror, but will forsake them and join the next available bus to Libya tomorrow.

To me, the root cause to this terrible act, must be pointed at and uprooted.

That is, emancipating our own minds and the minds of others from mental slavery and the modern day idolatry, the “I can only make it abroad” syndrome.

My name is Diplomat Akwasi, and I am against slavery of any form and torture in Libya…








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